Easy Step-by-Step Process:

1. Register. Please complete the registration form, which will allow us to (1) place you on our time-sensitive list, (2) send you further information, and (3) begin the matching process. Authorized representatives of credit buyers, such as accountants or attorneys, also may register on behalf of their principals.

2. Review and Sign Engagement Materials.  When we receive your information, we will contact you by your preferred method and send you additional information.  Once we reach agreement on the terms of our engagement, your position on our list will be confirmed, and we will try to find a suitable credit for you to buy.

3. Close the Purchase.  When we find a credit that meets the criteria you have specified for us, we will notify you.  We may offer other appropriate options to you, as well, for your consideration.  When a match is acceptable to you, we will furnish buyers and sellers with a Purchase Agreement, and once all terms meet with the approval of all parties, the Agreement will be signed, and we will effectuate the transfer of the credit and sales proceeds.  After the sale, we take care of all necessary governmental notifications.