Hire the Experts

With Our Principals’ Long and Established History of Selling Substantial Amounts of State Transferable Tax Credits, Tax Credit Alliance Provides its Customers with the Expertise and Diligence They Require to Complete Successful Tax Credit Transactions. 

While not practicing law, our owners and affiliates have gone to the top law and tax schools. Several team members have spent significant time at national law firms. We have fifteen years of experience and, together with our associated organizations, have sold tax credits aggregating $350,000,000. Our principals have done well over 1,000 tax credit transfers and have substantial in federal tax credit buying appetite via a portfolio of corporate taxpayers who have actively bought substantial amounts of state tax credits in the past. We have developed resources –a corporate tax credit buying pool experienced and interested in arranging tax credit sales of transferable federal tax credits – that maximize the opportunity for successful transactions in this new federal tax credit marketplace. Our superior connections throughout the Country create efficiencies and produce the highest quality brokerage service in the United States.