New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance is New Mexico’s first tax credit brokerage. We match buyers and sellers of all types of transferable New Mexico tax credits. Our significant history and contacts in this state allow us to serve our customers in a superior fashion.

BACKGROUND: In 2007, the New Mexico legislature passed amendments to the Real Property Transfers Tax Credit (also known as the Charitable Land Donation Credit and the Conservation Easement Tax Credit) and the Sustainable Building Tax Credit. As a result of these new tax laws, the Conservation Easement Tax Credit and Sustainable Building Tax Credit, along with the Rural Job Tax Credit (originally enacted in 2000), the Affordable Housing Tax Credit (originally enacted in 2005) and Agricultural Biomass Credit (enacted in 2010) now represent the exclusive transferable tax credits that are available to qualifying individuals and entities in New Mexico. Other credits that we deal in, like the Advanced Energy Tax Credit (originally enacted in 2009) and the Federal Solar Tax Credit (originally enacted in 2009), are allocable to partners and, thus, analogous to transferable tax credits. All of these credits that we deal in are the virtual equivalent of cash and could serve as an extremely useful tax reduction product for taxpayers, as well as a source of immediate cash for holders of the credits.

We appreciate the support of our friends in the community:

“Tax Credit Alliance has done a terriffic job in creating the marketplace for the Advanced Energy Tax Credit and has directly facilitated clean energy in New Mexico.”

– Jonathan January

Co-Founder, Managing Director

“New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance is our tax credit broker because they have done an outstanding job in selling millions of dollars of our Sustainable Building Tax Credits over the past several years.  They are local, professional, and believe in our green construction efforts.  They’re a great partner and we highly recommend them.”

– Rex Wilson

President of Paul Allen Homes, Inc.

“We are proud to have New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance as a member of the Commonweal team.”

– Ted Harrison

President, Commonweal Conservancy, Inc.

“Tax Credit Alliance is exceptional at placing our Sustainable Building Tax Credits for high returns, easy to work with, and very efficient.  We look forward to our future deals together over the years to come.”

– Steve Nakamura

President/CEO, Rachel Matthew Homes

“New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance is a great partner to have in the green building arena.”

– Stace McGee

Principal, Environmental Dynamics, Inc.

“I am pleased to learn that New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance has formed to assist in such transfers that promote the conservation and policy purposes underlying the Sustainable Building, Rural Job and Charitable Land Donation tax credits.  I worked with Ethan Epstein in securing the enactment of the transferability amendments to the Charitable Land Donation tax credit statute and trust that he will bring to buyers and sellers of the credits the same level of expertise and commitment he showed in working toward the passage of that law that will benefit this state for generations to come.”

– Alan Hamilton

Program Director, New Mexico Wildlife Federation
Executive Director, Rio Grande Return

“I am enjoying becoming friends and I am very impressed with the members of New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance and intend to do business with their organization over the years to come.”

– Jeff Croy

President, Croy Consulting, Inc., d/b/a The Reel Life

“Ethan and his team did a great and expeditious job in selling our Affordable Housing Tax Credit.”

– Rick Courtney

President, New Mexico Housing Development Corporation