If you want to buy or sell tax credits, we can assist:

  • We match buyers and sellers of all types of transferable tax credits that are saleable under New Mexico law. We work on a commission basis such that there is no charge until a tax credit sale consummates;
  • We perform full qualified intermediary services, notifying appropriate state agencies of transfers and maintaining required records for tax credits that are fragmented;
  • We broker all different types of tax credits in the interests of building the largest credit inventory and of offering the best and most flexible tax credit package in New Mexico, adapted to our customers’ particular requirements;
  • We maintain connections with New Mexico government authorities, satisfy all transfer formalities, and keep a close eye on any regulatory and statutory changes affecting transferable New Mexico tax credits;
  • We work with buyers and sellers directly or with their accountants, attorneys or other designated representatives;
  • We register buyers and sellers year round. Generally, the earlier you register with us, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your preferences. Even if your credit has not yet been issued, we encourage you to register with us so that we can begin the matching process. We anticipate linking buyers and sellers based on various factors, including the size of the transactions, the remaining carryover periods of the credits, and other distinctive characteristics of the credits, while giving priority to the timing of your registration;
  • We work with, and make charitable contributions to, various organizations that are interested in educating our community about the impact and significance of these credits, namely those groups who believe, as we do, in the underlying public policy of tax credits;
  • We have a local presence, so we are available to meet with you at your convenience in our Albuquerque offices or at a site of your choosing; and
  • We ensure that all parties know in advance exactly what they are getting.