Ethan Epstein is a tax attorney in Albuquerque with Epstein & Company, LLC, specializing in income taxation and contested tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service.  He received his Bachelor of Science degree from West Point and his law degree from George Mason Law School, graduating cum laude.  Thereafter, he completed a masters of law in taxation at New York University.  Ethan has practiced law for over five years in Texas and New Mexico.  Ethan worked on the legislative effort to enact House Bill 990, which substantially amended the Conservation Easement Tax Credit.  He has spoken within our community several times regarding this topic and is working to create a legal practice focus at Epstein & Company, LLC on the taxation of conservation easements.

Susan Epstein
 received her Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University in 1996.  She has since worked in Washington, DC and New York City in the corporate offices of Hecht’s and Lord & Taylor.  After taking some time off to start a family, Susan looks forward to serving as an active member of New Mexico Tax Credit Alliance.  Susan grew up with Ethan in New Mexico and is glad to be back in our beautiful state.

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